What's better, an in-house billing department or a billing company? What are some of the billing pitfalls I should be aware of? This selection of articles covers the meat and potatoes of an exceptionally difficult business entity--the radiology practice and includes a peer-reviewed case study of denials management in a hospital-based radiology practice.

 Compliance and accreditation expectations are an ongoing challenge. While this section is not as extensive in terms of the number of articles, it still addresses some basic knowledge that needs to be in every leader's skills toolbox.

Over the years certain articles have appealed to radiologists or were designed to impart "business side" subject matter not covered in medical school. Included in this section is a discussion of the hotly contested topic of productivity measurement and how it can be disruptive to a practice when introduced.

We feel the study of leadership provides opportunities for constant study and growth--and it's also important to learn from leaders outside of radiology. From ethical choices to shared characteristics of proven leaders, there is something for all of us to learn or improve.