Billing and Collections/Operations

What's better, an in-house billing department or a billing company? What are some of the billing pitfalls I should be aware of? This selection of articles covers the meat and potatoes of an exceptionally difficult business entity--the radiology practice and includes a peer-reviewed case study of denials management in a hospital-based radiology practice.

Another look at common claim denials and some steps that can be taken to improve performance.

orking correspondence” is a critical function in the billing office, and one of the differentiating factors between a top per forming organization and an underachiever with lagging accounts receivable (A/R). But what does it mean, exactly?

Radiology billing is complex and the demand for lower cost makes it tempting to cut corners.  What should our expectations be in a hostile business environment?

Denied claims are a fact of life—but can you actually use those denial reports to improve things?  This article is a peer-reviewed case study that tracks the results of a denials management program implemented for a hospital-based radiology practice.

It’s about maintaining compliance, but it’s also about making sure the radiologists are paid for the work they do.  The radiology report is the foundation document for more than reporting clinical results.