Billing and Collections/Operations

What's better, an in-house billing department or a billing company? What are some of the billing pitfalls I should be aware of? This selection of articles covers the meat and potatoes of an exceptionally difficult business entity--the radiology practice and includes a peer-reviewed case study of denials management in a hospital-based radiology practice.


“In-House or Outsource?”  is an update of the two-part article series originally written in 2001 (because the old version was still accessed and generating questions from radiologists).  While not a bullet-proof guide to choosing between maintaining and in-house billing operation versus outsourcing to a billing company, it provides some of the considerations and decision points involved.  Which option is better?  It depends.

 “Billing System Automation:  Tales from the Radiology Jungle” explores some of the things that happen when automation works as programmed, but not as intended.  More on the “how to learn from someone else’s mistake” curriculum.