Other Topics of Interest

 Compliance and accreditation expectations are an ongoing challenge. While this section is not as extensive in terms of the number of articles, it still addresses some basic knowledge that needs to be in every leader's skills toolbox.

This is is a humorous look at the implementation of one of the greatest changes to hit healthcare.

One of the least painful ways to learn is from the experience of others, especially when it comes to expensive HIPAA violations and fines.

 What “behind the curtain” processes differentiate the top billing companies from their competition?  The second article in the “beyond price” series examines some of the things that need to go on the selection checklist.

This article reviews regulations effective January 2012 regarding the MIPPA requirement for the accreditation of advanced imaging modalities.  While updates have occurred since that time, the article is relevant in terms of comparing the requirements of various accrediting entities.

 The big question in selecting a new billing company seems to be “How much?” when price is just one critical factor in the selection process.  This two-part series examines other critical decision points.  An interesting “aside” is that this series received positive comments from leading billing companies.