For Radiologists

Over the years certain articles have appealed to radiologists or were designed to impart "business side" subject matter not covered in medical school. Included in this section is a discussion of the hotly contested topic of productivity measurement and how it can be disruptive to a practice when introduced.

This article reviews how two radiology practices planned for the replacement of veteran practice administrators, unfortunately a topic too often neglected.

 This article provides a review of the role of MedPAC and how it can be used to predict the “what’s next” in radiology—a valuable tool when trying to set group strategy.

This article was originally published in 2010 and reprinted by the RBMA in 2014. It addresses the value of the hospital as the key source of revenue for many groups and steps that need to be taken to ensure neglect of that relationship does not result in replacing the group.

This article offers a glance at a few issues related to the controversial topic of measuring physician productivity.

“We’re All Leaders Now” discusses the leadership role needed by every member of the group to ensure success.  It emphasizes setting expectations for behavior, interactions and overall performance of service measures.