We feel the study of leadership provides opportunities for constant study and growth--and it's also important to learn from leaders outside of radiology. From ethical choices to shared characteristics of proven leaders, there is something for all of us to learn or improve.

As a squadron commander, Commander Tom Barber oversaw several hundred people during their Western Pacific deployment on an aircraft carrier.  It was Barber’s sixth deployment in an unforgiving environment where mistakes can quickly result in loss of life.  How do you maintain morale and top performance far from the comforts of home?

Carla Haroz works for NASA in both the United States and Russia, serving as a liaison between U.S. and Russian Mission Controls for the International Space Station.  Not only does she face challenges managing a team thousands of miles from home, but she also has to work effectively in two languages.  Her comments regarding team management are universal.


Nationally recognized, award-winning percussion instructor at the University of Massachusetts, Thom Hannum has long been recognized in the unique activity of competitive drum corps.  What does it take to produce a winning competitor year after year?